Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dirty girl...gettin' cleaner!

My name is Kristie and I am a dirty eater.  Muddy, messy dirty!  I mean, really...people open my pantry and it's every kids dream....junk food dream that is!  
So, I realized I needed to make a change...a big change...a clean change!

So here goes nothing!  
Is it easy?  NO!
Is it expensive?  A little.
Is it worth it?  That's personal!

I grew up on sugar straws, ding dongs, my dad's homemade doughnuts and Hamburger Helper.  And, I'm still kicking!  So what's the big deal?  And, before you judge my parents and my upbringing...slow your mom was a great cook and we had healthy alternatives, lots of fresh veggies and fruits, and my dad was a deer hunter so the meat was always fresh! 

All I am saying is back then...a few years or parents fed me "food" and we didn't think much of it!  We weren't going to the local market for organic fruits.  We weren't looking at labels for certain ingredients.  We just ate, and cleaned our plates!  Period!
A few visits to McDonald's and Taco Hut were normal and we weren't shunned!
Today a mom will look down on me for ordering the ever-famous chicken nuggets...but does it stop me?  Nope!  Banks loves them!  

However, the more I read and the more I hear, it starts to sink in and I realized...what's it gonna hurt to throw in some "super" foods and try some healthier options for my family!  The past year has been a year of healthy changes and additions for us, so why not!  A lot of research later, a cooking class under my belt and lots of discussion with other "health" conscious friends and I dove in feet first!  

Now...let's not get crazy I am taking baby steps.  A visit to the pantry will look a little different, but the gold fish and Cheetos are still there.  And, yes, I know I could make a healthier/cleaner version...but baby steps people!  Baby steps!

The point is, is that anyone can do it!  It's all about small changes and changes that you and your family can handle. it worth it?  I say, "it's personal", because when I look at my two boys and wonder what's to come?  I think to myself, I want to see!  I want to see what's to come!  Is a sugar straw or 10 gonna kill them...of course not!  And, yes my boys will still enjoy them often.  But, during dinner, little do they know, I have chopped up Kale and added it to almost everything!  Jokes on them!

WARNING:  Clean eating can become overwhelming!  So keep an open mind, listen with a soft heart, everyone has their opinion...and Google doesn't know everything!  Just have fun and know you are getting healthy!

Here is my favorite veggie recipe:  I guess it's a recipe, a new way to cook them...for me anyway! 

Cut up your veggies(your favorites) to similar sizes.
Lay out on a cookie sheet and drizzle with olive oil or coconut oil.
Toss them around coating the oil, and then sprinkle with sea salt.
Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.
Get ready to be addicted...
See the picture to the left....

Thursday, January 16, 2014

One year...One AmaXyng girl!
A year ago my mom was overweight, unhealthy, did little to no exercise and was a type II diabetic, heading towards having to use insulin. On 1-8-13 I twisted her arm to try something I had discovered, and felt it just may change her life!  We ordered the "Red Box" and started her on the program on 1-16-13.  Little did I know, how much it would change both our lives!  Day 1: she was skeptical.  Day 3:  she was going strong.  Day 6:  After getting light-headed she contacted her diabetic coach, and he reduced her oral medication by 50%!  Day 8:  she was 8 lbs lighter, 11" smaller, more energetic and knew then her life was changing!
After 1 month she was down 15 lbs and 17”.  By April at her 6 month check up with her doctor, he CANCELLED her diabetic medication and said we would monitor my health for 6 months and then check in.  The doctor was impressed with the weight loss and reduction of blood sugars, and advised her to keep doing what she was doing, because it was working!
She continued using her products and following the plans.  In addition, she had started exercising, mainly just walking and using the exercise bike and equipment at the gym, but it was a start and she was actually looking forward to the gym visits!  In September her doctor said, she was considered non-diabetic and as long as she continued to eat healthy, exercise and continue what I was doing she did not need to see my mom for another 6 months, and then back to yearly appointments following that.
Since then, she has competed in 5 5K's, the Warrior Dash, and numerous fun runs with family and friends!  A year ago, she would've cheered us on from the sidelines, but now she is an active, even more amazing "Nana!"  She meets with a trainer at her gym, who monitors her workouts and continues to check her fitness progress, often impressing me with her weight-lifting sessions!
Today, she has lost 47 lbs, and 31” total!!!  She went from wearing 18-20 size pants and XXL tops to size 10-12 and M-L, and shopping in the missy department.  Everything about her has changed!  She always says, "It's a lifestyle change" and I can agree, because her entire life and style has changed!  Her confidence is inspirational, her energy is contagious,  and her smile…says it all!  I get goose bumps thinking about how just by chance these amazing wellness products came into my life, and because she said "YES" both our lives have changed forever!
Enjoy this video of my mom, my inspiration and proof that all it takes is that first, brave step!
Congratulations Mom!!!!  I couldn't be more proud and happy to see the best in you!
Check out my Flip Video to see with your own eyes her incredible transformation!
Happy 2014 peeps!